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  1. hi, Iam new to all nurses.com, I wish to ask for students of UTA available to give me detail about the np program especially the PMHNP class schedule, is 100% online or in class and if so how many days a week? I will appreciate responses as they will help in my decision of going back to school.
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  3. by   SCSTxRN
    I am currently in UTA's PMHNP program. It is definitely not 100% online. There are some courses that have hybrid sections available, but there is no guarantee of getting into the hybrid section because space is limited and the placement is not guaranteed regardless of how far away you live.

    This semester, I had to drive to campus once or twice a month. Next semester, I have to drive twice in the semester. Spring and Summer after that, regardless of section, I will have to be on campus two days a week.

    It's an awesome program, though. The instructors are passionate and top rate, the administrative staff is caring and competent.
  4. by   Woks
    Thanks so much, your response is on point. Are you in your first semester, first year? How long is the program exactly on full time basis? And for core courses like patho, , nursing theory, research and aa without clinical hours, how much is done in class? Sorry that my questions are too many, aim just in my preparatory, weighing my options. Thanks again
  5. by   SCSTxRN
    I am. I'm not full time - it will take me 2.5 years; Spring 2013, Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer 2015.

    Patho - all lecture was online, tests in class. Nursing theory - went to class once or twice a month for 6 hours, a bunch of papers. Pharm - all lecture will be online, tests in class. Once I hit clinicals, I'll be on campus at least once a month, some classes once a week, until practicum.