USA Spring 2012 Admission Letter?

  1. I just wanted to check and see if anyone else who has applied for admission to the Spring 2012 Acute Care NP program at USA has received any notification of acceptance to the program yet. I think the timeline is something like...Mid-september: they start sending out acceptance letters; Mid-October: deadline for the college to send out its acceptance letters. So if I haven't heard anything by Oct 20th or so, I can pretty much bet I didn't get in. I have oodles and oodles of college credits from previous degrees sought, and I'm enrolled in USA's RN-MSN program already. I'll finish up the BSN portion this semester, and that includes 4 Master's courses I will have already completed for it as well. My overall GPA is 3.6, but I'm wondering if they'd exclude me from consideration since I technically didn't have my BSN when I applied. I did mention somewhere in the application that I was enrolled and completing it before the beginning of the Spring semester, but who knows if they care about that? *Sigh*
    Just wish they'd shoot me and get it over with...
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  3. by   BrandybunsRN
    I applied to the same track BSN-DNP for acute care at USA. They were late getting the letters out, but I received mine at the very end of September. In fact, the information due back (drug test, etc) is due as of 10/28. If you haven't heard ANYTHING by now, you should definitely call them. I would think they would notify you either way. So make sure nothing got lost in the mail !!!

    I am also finishing up my BSN right now (next couple weeks in fact) and that didn't stop me from making it into the program..... so don't worry about that part at least.

    I would say definitely call them though and ask someone - either way you should know! I know that wait is a killer.... so no harm in calling them up. Good luck!!!!
  4. by   Bumashes
    Thanks for the reply. I guess the BSN-DNP program has a different timeline because the MSN track has the acceptance packet turn in date as mid to late November. I am planning to call them this next week to ask, though, b/c they have lost things in the past.... However, I'm not going to quite sweat it until after October 25th. I pick this date b/c after searchig this site for previous posts like mine from other years gone by, I see that people were still receiving their notifications as late as Oct 23-25th. Also, a few of my classmates have written in on our classroom bulletin boards about not hearing anything yet, too, so I'm not alone.
    It's good to know, though, that you got in with no issues due to still being in the BSN program when you applied. That's a load off my mind right there! Congrats by the way!!!
  5. by   Bumashes
    I got my acceptance letter today for the Acute Care NP track! For those who have been waiting, you can now start anticipating its arrival this week! Yay!
  6. by   BrandybunsRN
    Yay! Congrats! Glad you finally heard!
  7. by   mia.esmio
    Hi All! I was accepted into ENP track for Spring 2012! Sooo excited!
  8. by   Bumashes
    Super! Great to hear from others, too!
  9. by   jadeadellelindberg
    I received my acceptance letter today as well!
  10. by   BrandybunsRN
  11. by   adbrowning
    I got mine as well (psychiatric NP) and will start in Spring 2012. Congrats to everyone!!

    I was given 2 options, a 6 semester or a 9 semester program. I might have to decide on the 9 semester option but am concerned that if I graduate in Fall 2014 that I might not be able to test before this 2015 deadline I have read about. I apologize if this is posted elsewhere on the boards but does anyone know if I need to be concerned with graduating in Fall of 2014 and then being told that I can't sit for licensure in ~March/April 2015 because I don't have a doctorate?
  12. by   Bumashes
    No worries. That was just a recommendation for the DNP, much as it is recommendation that RN's start out at the BSN level. Some schools have taken them more seriously than others by beginning to offer only DNP programs, but you'll still be able to test off and start working. Others have more extensive posts regarding this topic, too, if you search the forums. I'm just too tired to go into more detail. Trying to finish out a paper tonight! Toodles!
  13. by   KyelvertonRN
    I'm applying for the summer term, and I'm getting super antsy. I'm still a pretty new nurse, but I made good grades, hoping thats enough. Any suggestions for me?
  14. by   hopefulprayers1
    Does anyone have any info on the FNP/ACNP dual program offered at USA?