United States University San Diego -- FNP program

  1. I think we got the colleges confused. I would like information of the United States University of San Diego, CA. They have new Master of FNP. HELP! Please.
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  3. by   Mrskeene3
    Hi Bettie! I've been looking into the program myself! Are you doing it? Were you able to find out more information?
  4. by   bcaball4
    Yes I'm wondering also!
  5. by   bettieRN
    Hi, I called my Tennessee Board of Nurse and she informs me to be cautious with any California FNP. Had she never heard of United States University? And wasn't accredited. I have been accepted in very accredited program at maryville university. I start Jan 2018.Thanks, be careful
  6. by   Carmeldrop
    Have you started the program? I am considering this school also because I have to pay out of pocket and the school is CCNE and regionally accredited. Please let me know how the classes are set up and your experience thus far.
  7. by   bcaball4
    I start January 8th there is a Facebook page with students who already started the program
  8. by   Carmeldrop
    Hi, I am considering Jan 8th start day also. Can you inbox to chat? Look forward to hearing from you also!,
  9. by   Cea24
    Did she say why you should be cautious with CA FNP? I'm just curious because I was very interested in the USU program. Thanks!