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Hello again allnurses Community! I have applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner programs at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I'm... Read More

  1. by   SICU_Murse
    Lynn -- I think its a great idea for the SON to have someone on these boards to help answer questions, as many pre-NP students turn to these boards when looking for information from their fellow nurses.

    I will be starting the acute / critical care NP program this fall and will begin my clinical / specialty courses next fall. I believe that a clinical placement coordinator will help alleviate alot of unnecessary stress on us students! What is the timeframe for when this position will be filled?

    neuronRN -- I am less than 5 minutes from the Stratford campus and know several people who have graduated from their acute / critical care NP program. All of which spoke very highly about the program. Location, cost, and reputation made UMDNJ my school of choice.
  2. by   neuronRN
    Thank you SICU_Murse for adding to the thread. Your same reasons for UMDNJ are also my reasons for applying. I'm patiently waiting to here of receipt of my application. I think its a great idea for UMDNJ to have a clinical placement specialist.
  3. by   np2017
    I am currently in TJU's FNP program and can honestly say that I am beyond disappointed in the quality of the faculty and education I am receiving. Sadly, I have yet to speak with an alum who does not agree with me. These programs sound so wonderful on paper and I believe rankings are not necessarily a great indicator of the quality of the program. My advice when looking for a program is to speak with current students about their experience. Personally, I would recommend just about any MSN program over Jefferson!
  4. by   tponyiri
    hello! thanks for your honest post. I just got accepted to TJU and Georgetown University what's your advice?
  5. by   np2017
    Georgetown! No question! Best of luck
  6. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    np2017, I was thinking of applying there this summer. What about the program are you disappointed with? I would love some insight.
  7. by   np2017
    Hi PHLpnpHopefully, to be honest, I was very disappointed with the entire program. In my opinion, the program does not adequately prepare NPs for practice and the quality of education and faculty is, sadly, extremely low. This may be true for other programs as well, but with the TJU program, in order to receive the information and knowledge required to pass boards and be a confident, skilled practitioner, one needs to do a lot of "self-learning," for e.g., I was learning much more new material studying for boards than friends of mine at other programs who received the information as part of the curriculum. I hope this helps, feel free to reach out with any other specific questions and best of luck!
  8. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    MissT19, although this was posted awhile ago, what are you thoughts on TJU now?
  9. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    That's upsetting to hear. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. If you had to choose a program in the area again, which school do you think you would go with?
  10. by   np2017
    I don't really know much about other programs in the area. I know people who went to Penn and Drexel and have heard mixed reviews about those programs. Best advice I can give is to see if you can connect with previous or current students from programs you are considering through this site or through the admissions office of those schools.
  11. by   nursecarlyp
    could I talk to you a bit more about tju program?