1. Hello fellow nurses,

    I applied for the DNP program at UMB for Fall 18. Anyone know about the school? The school of nursing has good reviews.

    Some of the other stuff I hear is dissuading me from going... cost of living, crime, political affiliation, etc...
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  3. by   niqu92
    If you're talking about UMaryland Baltimore then it is an excellent institution. I went there for my BSN so that is all I can really speak about but the professors were top notch and were some of the best in their fields, some of them even wrote questions for the NCLEX. I loved being able to do clinicals at Hopkins which is barely a 10 minute drive and being to network with people at Hopkins as well.
    UMSON is right next to the school of medicine and school of dentistry (first in the world) so theres a lot of networking that can be done there too. Univ of Maryland Medical Center is right across the street and they have the BEST shock-trauma in the nation. I've had a few friends who chose to work at UMMC instead of Hopkins because of their shock trauma. They also have the Univ of Maryland Institute of Virology which does amazing work with infectious disease and HIV.
    I believe UMB was the first in the nation to switch from MSN to DNP (I may be wrong about this so don't quote me on it). They are highly ranked and are always among the top 10 for nursing schools nation wide and you can definitely see why as a student there. I can say being a graduate from UMB has enabled me to have many opportunities and the name definetley carried weight. It is a top school so expect the professors to have very high standards..there would be times in class they would say things like "remember you guys are at a top institution" repeatedly.
    As far as crime there is crime everywhere..baltimore just gets a very bad rep. I had absolutely no issues living in Baltimore, my brother is a med student living in Baltimore and he has had no issues either. I loved my time in Baltimore..of course there are sketchy areas but as long as you avoid those and are street smart then you won't have any problems. It's really all about being street smart that's all. Theres a lot of things to do including a number of great restaurants within the area. I almost went back there for my DNP but the thought of moving across country again was so daunting that I ended up going to Duke instead. If you have any additional questions feel free to shoot me a message
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