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  1. Greetings! I wanted to start a feed for UAB NP Summer 2018 hopefuls! I know the deadline hasn't arrived yet--but I know this anticipation is killing me. I figured this may be a nice way for us to stay updated/connected. We are not alone in this process!! Anyone have any news or insight into the time frame of when we should hear back acceptance status or if they do interviews?
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  3. by   Chris_CV
  4. by   Chris_CV
    Hi I just applied to the acute care NP track. Which track did you apply to?
  5. by   alidanielle
    I applied to the FNP track.
  6. by   CAllen44
    Hi! I applied to the FNP track. They don't do interviews. From browsing prior threads, we shouldn't expect to hear until December. The anticipation is killing me, too!! I have a lot of friends/coworkers who have recently completed or are currently pursuing FNP or AGACNP in this program. Hoping to join them soon!!
  7. by   Chris_CV
    Yeah no interviews unfortunately I'm good at those. What's you guys experience and gpa? I've been a CVICU nurse for 2years and I currently travel with prev LPN experience in Med-Surg and ER. I just accepted a fulltime on Grady's Code Team/PICC team so I'm super excited about that. My gpa on the last 60+hrs was 3.5. I still have 3 easy core classes to complete for my BSN
  8. by   CAllen44
    I'm not sure about my GPA. I know my last 60 hours was all As and Bs but I'm too lazy to calculate haha. Been an RN for five years, three and a half in ER with a1.5 year stint in endoscopy. Hey Grady, I work at Kennestone! ☺️
  9. by   Chris_CV
    I'm too lazy too lol. Thank God my last transcript has the last 60hrs on it. How is Kennestone? I've heard good and bad things but that's everywhere in Atlanta. I just finished a contract at Piedmont Atlanta and I hated it, I don't understand why everyone thinks that place is so great!!!!
  10. by   CAllen44
    I like it fine, but it's also the only hospital I've ever worked in, so I have nothing to compare it to. And yes, I think you're correct that you will hear positives and negatives about any place. What track did you apply for? FNP or AGACNP? Or something else? Just figured with your experience it would be one of those two. Forgive me if you've already said.
  11. by   alidanielle
    I have been a nurse for almost 4 years. I worked in the hospital on an ortho-neuro-oncology floor for about 3 years and I have worked in an outpatient radiation oncology clinic for the last year. My gpa overall is about 3.6 i think--not sure about the last 60 but i wasn't required to take the GRE i don't think..I hate that we just have to wait around to hear. They told me that they process applications as they come in--seems like they should know who absolutely makes the cut and who doesn't. I also applied at South Alabama. fingers crossed, UAB would be my first choice!
  12. by   CAllen44
    I wish we could find out sooner!! But it makes sense that they wait until the deadline to make official decisions. I also applied to Georgia Southwestern and to Walden. I got accepted to Walden, as I gather pretty much everyone does. I really prefer to attend a brick and mortar school, though, so I hope I get into UAB or GSW. UAB is my first choice, but I'd be perfectly happy with GSW as well.
  13. by   Tghig
    Hey! I also am applying to UAB 2018 summer FNP program.
  14. by   Chris_CV
    I should exempt the GRE also. You should definitely get in. Two of my coworkers are in their programs. One is in UAB AGACNP Program 1st semester and the other just got accepted to USAs dual program starting this fall. I think they both had 3.4 3.5 gpas. UAB is my 1st choice also. I am applying to USA as well and Alabama Huntsville
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