UAB FNP Summer 2017 - page 4

HI everyone! I am applying for the UAB FNP program for the Summer 2017 admission. Just wanted to get a page started for all that were applying so that we can keep each other motivated. Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   katelyn6485
    Agree with everyone. The anxiety is real-I'd rather just know already!
  2. by   agirl2014
    Has anyone heard anything or seen any changes yet?
  3. by   TJERRN0222
    Nope. I have no previous affiliation with UAB, so I'm not even able to register a blazer ID.
  4. by   KDUB2017
    I haven't heard anything yet..... I'm hoping either next week or the week after we will hear back, the wait is killing me.
  5. by   Brookie899
    I'm slowly dying each day waiting!! I check it everyday. No changes.
  6. by   KDUB2017
    I'm in the same boat Tjerrn0222. I don't have any previous affiliation with UAB so it will not let me register for a blazerid either. It doesn't help that I check it multiple times per day either with no success.... Sigh.
  7. by   Brookie899
    You should be able to register. I don't have any affiliation with UAB but I was able to register for an ID. To my understanding, if you have a completed application, your SSN should be registered for a user id
  8. by   agirl2014
    Has anyone got any other emails other than the one that stated they will have decisions made by early December.
  9. by   Product
    Nothing yet, no news. I have a blazerid acct, nothinf new there either
  10. by   KDUB2017
    Can anyone share the exact steps that they took in order to receive a Blazer Id just to make sure that I am not doing it incorrectly? I'm not sure why it will not let me register for once since many of you have one.
  11. by   agirl2014
    Hey KDUB2017, here's what I did
    1.BlazerID Central
    2.Selected "I am a current student, or I am a student who has been accepted to UAB.
    3. Student # is social security number with NO DASHES, date of birth mmddyyyy with no dashes.
  12. by   CharB.RN
    Were you already a student there? I haven't been able to do that.. I hope it's not a bad sign...
  13. by   agirl2014
    Hey Char! From looking at the past forums from others who have applied for UAB, anyone who has applied for UAB is able to create a Blazernet, however, you won't be able to actually login to Blazernet unless you have been accepted to the school. But anyone who has ever applied should be able to create a Blazernet.