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  1. I am a new RN, and I've always had the goal of eventually becoming a NP. I know that I want to be on the floor for a while first to learn and get some good experience under my belt, and decide if NP school is really what I want, or if there is another direction in nursing that I would want to go. For those of you who are NP's, how long after graduating nursing school did you wait to apply to NP school. Were you able to work during grad school, were you able to pay for it, did you have to take out loans, etc. I also am newly married and wanting kids eventually, so part of me wants to get school out of the way before kids, and part of me wants to just live life, see where it takes me, and when the time is right and I have saved up some money, look into going back to school. Any thoughts?
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    Sounds like we're in similar situations. My 1 year RN anniversary is coming up in December, and my 1 year wedding anniversary was in June I've worked as a floor nurse in LTC since becoming licensed in December, and I love my residents but I just do not like floor nursing for 21 residents on a skilled yeah I've decided NP is what I want!!
    I have been told countless times, that if NP is what I want, do it before kids!! I am just getting ready to start next month wrapping up my undergrad credits (I'm an ASN) and then proceeding with MSN/ANP. By my estimate, it will take me 3-4 years depending how things go. And we're looking at starting a family just shortly after that timeframe, so my gut says go for it now!! Best of luck deciding how to proceed!
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    What is ANP??
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    Quote from nurse raven
    What is ANP??
    Adult Nurse Practitioner