Starting PNP program in Fall 2011!

  1. Hello! Is there anyone else here pursuing the pediatric route?

    I am in a bit of a unique situation as I just graduated in May and got my BSN/RN. I actually work on an adult Medical Progressive Care unit as peds jobs are super difficult to attain in my area. Just wondered if there are other peds people out there!
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  3. by   2cndgig
    Congrats on your acceptance into the PNP program! I too am starting PNP in the fall and currently work in a PICU. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get accepted? I am doing the PNP-PC/AC combined at NEU.
  4. by   StudentAmie
    University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, same school I did my BSN. Is the PC/AC portion acute care? The one limiting factor to this program is that it is primary care only. Not a big deal right now since that's what I want to do, but if I ever want to do in-patient care I will have to go back to school, again.
  5. by   2cndgig
    yes, the program is primary care followed by acute care the summer of year 2. Basically, I will be credentialed to take both exams once completed. Currently I have a potential PICU NP position lined up for me after I'm done (the unit I work in now)... enjoying the complexity and cohesiveness of the pediatric group. Best of luck and let me know how the program goes for you.
  6. by   tryingtohaveitall
    Yes, I have 3 quarters left to complete my PNP and I can't wait! I've been a PICU nurse 21 years.
  7. by   Jennifer0512
    I have one year left of my PNP program! So excited
  8. by   2cndgig
    It's great to hear from other PNP students. I know I personally struggled with the decision to go for PNP vs. FNP or other specialties as many do FNP for marketability etc. But, after taking care of all age groups for years, I must say that I find peds most rewarding.

    Just curious... those of you that are almost done with PNP school, do you have any regrets for choosing the pediatric route thus far? any advice for those of us embarking in the fall? thanks!
  9. by   tryingtohaveitall
    I'm a 22 year peds nurse, so nothing was an option for me besides PNP. I love kids.
  10. by   Jennifer0512
    I asked myself if I ever wanted to work with adults and the answer for me was no...not now and not down the line. I enjoyed my BSN rotations very much, but I knew it wasn't what I wanted or "was supposed to" be doing.

    As for tips...I'll get back to you in a few months when I start my preceptorships!
  11. by   JeanettePNP
    I'm starting my second semester of PNP program this fall. I have no peds experience to speak of other than as a volunteer (although I tried, good L-rd knows I tried) but I know I want to work with kids and wouldn't be (as) happy doing anything else. So far I am very happy in the program I'm in and I know that I made the right choice. Another plus about peds is that although you're narrowing your focus to one age range there's still a wide variety of specialties to choose from.

    I'm a bit nervous about my job options when I finish without much peds nursing experience. Although I tried to find PT work, most places won't hire an inexperienced nurse who already has an encumbered schedule. The best I can do is milk my clinical rotations for all they're worth, get my instructors to write rave reviews and use the school's career resources.
  12. by   hjnurse
    I know this is an old post, but I was wondering how PNP school is going for those who didn't have much peds experience as an RN to begin with or for those who were debating PNP vs. FNP? I am starting a PNP program this fall, graduated with my BSN Aug. 2011 and am currently working as an adult med-surg float RN, not by choice though, really the only option in my area for new grad RNs. I didn't enjoy my rotations in adults in undergrad school, and am not exactly thrilled with working with adults now, but I absolutely fell in love with my peds rotation. I guess I just want to know how you are feeling, if you felt like you made the right decision? I'm pretty sure that I only want to work with kids, but I've been told that nursing school and actual nursing is completely different. Any thoughts?
  13. by   Jennifer0512
    Hi hjnurse! I was a direct-entry student, and continued straight from getting my BSN to getting my MSN, so I guess I fall into the category of the "not much peds experience as an RN". I just graduated in May and am taking my boards very soon (less than a week actually!). Throughout my preceptorships and now I definitely felt like I made the right decision. I even enjoyed my BSN rotations with adults, but I still knew it wasn't what I was passionate about.

    A lot of people choose FNP because they want to be well-rounded and able to "do anything", which is true I don't disagree with them for choosing it for those reasons, but I also think there's something to be said for being an "expert" in something--like pediatrics for the PNP.

    If you think peds is what you wanna do then I wouldn't shy away from the PNP specialty there is so much you can do with it and the pediatric age group does span quite a bit, so it's not as limiting as some people make it out to be. If you're unsure then I would give it some more thought and just be honest with yourself of what you would and would not be happy doing.

    Best of luck in your decision! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  14. by   danceluver
    @Jennifer0512: As a direct entry graduate, how have you found the job market to be like? Have you been able to interview for the jobs you've wanted or desired? What sort of specialties are you interested in? Has the pay been decent? Are you still able to work as an RN if you wanted to with your PNP degree (if right away u were not able to find your perfect PNP job). Are you planning on doing loan repayment as a PNP? Do you think RN experience is required before specializing as an NP? Just personal, i know but it would be nice to hear your opinion as well In fact, sometimes I do think specializing sets you apart in the job market especially if you don't have RN experience in the field. Congrats on graduating!