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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

  1. by   vivealegre
    Hi all!

    I am new to this board, but applied to the FNP track. I, too, am anxiously waiting to hear about interviews.

    Regarding financial aid though, do any of you know the cost of attending for the first year? And how generous they are with financial aid? i am worried about finding a way to finance this even if I got in. I applied to several other programs, and some are as high as 75k per year!! I am hoping SU might be a little more reasonable....

    *Edit: I just saw on their website the cost is ~70-72k. But it was a bit unclear to me whether this is for the whole program, or yearly tuition only. Does anyone know this? Are any of you as worried about tuition as I am?
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  2. by   whoamibutme
    Hi Vivealegre, I believe the cost they are quoting (I thought I read around 78K) is for the whole program. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Good luck!!
  3. by   icelind
    Yes that's right. The bulk of it is the first two years (the second year they recommend you work as an RN so there's a way to make some money during school) and then the third year is just one class+clinicals (~$650-700 I think). That's at least what I remember from researching it. A current student would have more up-to-date information...
  4. by   salinn
    I emailed them earlier today to see if they could tell me when interview invitations were scheduled to go out. The response I got was "Not yet. We are working on them" So I'm going to ease up a bit on my email inbox stalking until tomorrow.

    As far as tuition is what is posted under the FAQs about how much the program costs.

    "Tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year is $626 per credit, so the tuition cost is approximately $70, 112 - $71,990 for 112-115 credits. There are also nursing fees and technology fees. Books may cost nearly $2000 over the course of study. A personal digital assistant and software, as well as a notebook computer are recommended. The approximate total tuition and fees costs for the course of the program: $77,670 - $79,558."

    Compared to the other direct entry masters program, Seattle U is so much more reasonably priced.
  5. by   Hawaii808
    I agree. Most other direct entry programs are substantially more than Seattle U. 70k-80k for the program is actually a very decent cost. Welcome vivealegre. I would start looking at scholarships to help out. Also, there are graduate stafford loans available up to approximately 21k a year
  6. by   Hawaii808
    Sorry - I hit the post button before I was finished... To continue:If you still need to cover expenses, there is the option of GradPLUS loans from the government also. You can take out up to the cost of attendance less any other aid. It is a large potential debt, but it can be done. Also, if you are willing to move after graduation, you could look into the federal health care loan repayment program. They will pay a certain amount per year of your loans in exchange for working in a medically underserved area. That could wipe out any debt that you have to assume in order to pay for your degree. Anyway, those are just a few thoughts. I hope that helps, vivealegre.Thanks for keeping us posted on what you found out today, salinn.
  7. by   Calinca
    Thank you for that Hawaii, I was researching about this the last few weeks. I am so scared about the debt by the end of this - doesn't the figure scare you a bit? I already have some undergrad debt and I am freaking out so much about this.
  8. by   vivealegre
    Thanks all for the information! Calinca, the figure does scare me a lot. But everyone here is right, the Seattle U program is very reasonably priced. I really hope I get an interview there, I would love to move back to Seattle!! Its my hometown
  9. by   icelind
    I've been thinking about paying for school quite a bit as well and found this website that has a number of scholarships posted: Nurse Practitioner Scholarships - College Prowler

    I haven't really looked into too many of them (don't want to get my hopes up if I don't get an interview!) but I figure it can't hurt if you apply to all you're qualified for!

    Regarding debt: it's not something to be taken lightly but as long as you live within your means and throw all of your extra cash at your debt, it will be gone before you know it! (I know this is a blanket statement and is more difficult for some regarding life situation, dependants, other expenses...etc)
    My wife and I had a cumulative debt of ~$25k after we graduated and by the blessing of great jobs, a reasonable budget and creativity we were able to kick it in about a year and a half. I'm not very excited about going into debt again but confident we'll be able to beat it again. We used the debt snoball method taught by Dave Ramsey: Real Debt Help - Get out of debt with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Plan -
  10. by   vivealegre
    Thank you so much icelind, those look like great resources! I will definitely look into them. Its amazing you paid off your undergrad debt so quickly!
  11. by   icelind
    Thanks Vivealegre! Yeah it's definitely possible but can be immensely overwhelming, especially if you look at the single, huge amount.
  12. by   Hawaii808
    Those look like great resources icelind.

    I agree that debt can be overwhelming, especially if you look at the lump sum amount. But, education these days is so expensive anywhere. My brother in law just graduated from medical school a year and a half ago and his debt is far more than ours would be. Med school, law school, any other grad school... all expensive. I just keep reminding myself that it is what I truly want to do - that it is what I've worked so hard for over the past few years. The cost of attendance is the bitter pill that we must swallow, but there will be great rewards as professionals in this field.

    Friday, Saturday, and yesterday I was doing very well will not stalking my email. Today, I am not being so successful in avoiding the temptation. Fingers crossed that we will hear something this afternoon.
  13. by   Calinca
    Thanks for all the resources, everyone!

    The whole thing about the debt for my situation is that I have 3 kids so I couldn't be so aggressive about paying everything down. Now that I will go (if I get called!) back to school, can you imagine child care for 3? I was thinking about an au pair, it's the most affordable option since I have two really young kids and also peace of mind. But even that is expensive. Ugh! Husband already said that we will be ok in the end of this but I am so nervous. Then when we finish I will have a huge loan payment plus child care, LOL.

    Vivealegre, I am happy you "live happy", because I will probably need to borrow some of that in times of despair hahaha Cool about you being from here. I've been living here for the past 11 years and I feel Seattelite at heart.