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  1. Heyy guys! I've been researching becoming an NP and I think it'd be an awesome career! I'm going to be starting undergrad next year and I'm not sure if I want to get a BSN... I'd really like to explore my other interests and maybe get some other kind of degree. Depending on if I still want to become an NP throughout college.. I was wondering if it's possible to do a direct entry program straight out of undergrad? Also... will DE programs end up doing DNP degrees too, considering they're the probable requirement for 2015?  I know that a BSN would be amazing nursing experience before being a NP, but I feel like bedside nursing may not be the best experience in comparison to a hard science degree?  I know PA school is an option too.. but I like the scope of practice for NPs better. Do you guys think getting a different undergrad degree then going straight to a DE DNP program would be a good idea at all? or should i just stick with getting a BSN?

    Please leave out the insults haha, I know I'm really young and probably not as well educated about nursing as I could be, I'm just trying to see what my options are and getting your lovely amazing professional beautiful opinions
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  3. by   sailornurse
    IMO, (35 years of nursing exp) The BSN is the best route to prepare you for NP.
    Bedside nursing allows you the opportunities to work with patients with all types of medical conditions, you learn what diagnostics are typically done, you could see what PAs & NPs do in a hospital setting.
    You know NP's we kept the "Nurse" in the title, for a reason. We are nurses.

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