Post Masters Certificate Program 3P's classes - page 2

Hi everyone, much help is needed. I have a MSN in education and want to go back for my PMHNP degree. To be accepted into a post masters certificate program I need the 3Ps ( Advanced Pathophysiology,... Read More

  1. by   amberger101
    Any post MSN program that's clinical track will offer them as part of your program. My MSN was in leadership and management and I didn't need to take all 3. Regardless, the ones I took were over 5 years old and I need to take all of them again. I was accepted to Yale, Duke, Montana State's DNP, and University of Cincinnati. They all included them in my course load. I would apply to a program and just take them all together.
  2. by   lavendou
    Do you have a particular school in mind for your post-master's certificate?

    I had my MSN in healthcare mgmt and went back to school for my post-master's FNP certificate with Graceland University. They had the 3Ps as a part of my post-master's certificate. Several schools I looked into had this same option.