PMHNP Programs - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. What have been your experiences with your PMHNP program?

    I've been looking into different schools and I find either a disappointing curriculum (VERY little emphasis on psychiatric mental health and psychopharm), insanely high tuition (70-100K!), substandard requirements for admission (no nursing experience required, really?), or few clinical hours (500 hrs).

    I've found some programs that look good (such as University of North Dakota) but are not offered in my state

    If you could share your experiences in your program (either current or past), I'd appreciate it!

    Also, if you don't mind answering these questions:
    Name of program:
    MSN or DNP:
    Online or B&M:
    Length of time to complete (FT/PT):
    Quality of education:
    Amount of psychopharm and psychopathology:
    What have your clinical experiences been:
    How much (psych) nursing experience did you have prior to PMHNP school:
    Would you pick this school again:

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm also waiting for answers to your posted question. Everyone's out celebrating nurse's week right now!