Physical Assessment and diagnosis

  1. The reason for this post is that I will be starting a "Physical Assessment and diagnosis" course next semester. For those who have previously taken this course, was there any resources (books, websites, etc) that helped them during it? I find that there are plenty on Patho and Pharm but cant find much in this area. Also, was there any specific technique that helped you during this course?
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  3. by   algae1492
    The university library at my school has a website dedicated to the FNP program. Within the library, we have access to health assessment videos and multiple health assessment books. Check with your school! You will likely be surprised on the amount of resources you may be able to access.

    The online service through my textbook also has resources such as videos and outlines. You should be careful with what you access on youtube, etc.
  4. by   Dodongo
    Book: "Bates Guide to Physical Assessment". There are videos online that come with the book. It's really all you need. Pretty much every medical school, PA school and NP use this book.
  5. by   SDStudent1
    Thank you for the suggestion. I just got in the mail and it looks like it will be a good resource