Personal Statement/ Goals- suggestions please!!

  1. Hello All,
    I just finished my BSN and have begun working on a telemetry unit, and I am hoping to start grad school (ACNP) next fall (2012). I know a personal statement is required to apply to the schools I am looking into, but I'm really not sure where to start, what to include, and what these admissions offices want to hear. If anyone can give me some suggestions or a push in the right direction, I'd be most appreciative. Thank you!!
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  3. by   LaxNP
    I was in the same boat as you when I was applying to my ANP program. What I did was write what I thought would be a good statement. When I was finished, I asked the writing tutor for my BSN program to look at it. She gladly did and even sent it to the head of my BSN program for suggestions. Both of them sent it back with comments. Not sure if your school has this type of position, but I feel as though the BSN faculty might be able to help out. I'm sure they want to see their graduates go on to an MSN program, and it makes their program look good. Hope this idea helps.
  4. by   APatriganiRN
    That's a great idea that I never would have thought of, so thank you so much for passing that along to me!! :-) Specifically, did you hit on points such as why you chose nursing, why you want to continue education and become a NP, and what you plan to do upon graduation? I feel like I could write entire essays on each of those topics...maybe my BSN teachers can look at my statement and help me chop the unimportant things??
  5. by   lvICU
    My personal statement focused on what I would do with my NP once I graduated. I did give a little background information regarding why I chose the nursing field and why I wanted to continue my education. These programs also want to make sure that your goals and personal values are in line with their own core values. So you might want to read a little bit about your school's mission statement and history. This might give you an idea of what is important to them. Good luck!