1. I am currently applying to Boise State University's online AGNP program- start date is Jan 2014. The program is new, this is the first cohort. I am a bit nervous because the program is so new, and their accredidation will be pending a site visit once the program starts. The cost is $600 per credit, they help with finding clinical placement in your area.
    I am also looking in to George Washington University- any other recommendations? Or any advice about either of these programs? I want to make sure the school is reputable and competent.
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    Best Family Nurse Practitioner Programs | Top Nursing Schools | US News Best Graduate Schools is from 2011 rating online graduate schools. At least for FNP, not sure but you may be able to do a google search for "top rated AGNP programs online as well"
  4. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Clarkson College- Omaha, NE--- $497 / credit hour
    Nursing Health Care Administration
    Nursing Education
    Adult–Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
    Family Nurse Practitioner
    Frequently Asked Questions - Clarkson College
    FNP-online with two on campus visits (2-3 days each)
    Admissions 3 times per year (Fall, Spring & Summer)
    No GRE
    Find your own preceptors of your choice
    Admissions Requirements:
    Bachelor’s or higher level degree from a professionally accredited institution (NLNAC/CCNE) with a 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.
    Valid unencumbered RN license.
    Application and application fee.
    Scholarly essay.
    Official academic transcripts from each post-secondary institution previously attended.
    Two professional recommendations.
    Current resume.

    ***here is another online school I found****
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    Clarkson requires experience FYI
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    I also applied to Boise States NP program and I received my acceptance letter yesterday. The cost seems to be higher than 600 per credit, even for Idaho residents. As an Idaho resident, I would have to pay $324 per credit in tuition. However, when I looked on broncoweb, I saw that the two classes that they want people to take this spring (Nurs 502 and 510) both have $1800 fees in addition to tuition. I was expecting some additional fees, but I was a bit blindsided by the extra $3600 for just two classes. I am crossing my fingers, hoping that I am just misunderstanding...maybe the $1800 is per semester and not per class. I just hope that not every class has fees this high. Anyway, if you know something I don't, feel free to fill me in. Thanks!
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    Ooops. PacnwRN, sorry for messaging you twice with the same information. I thought you were a different person!
  8. by   pacnwRN
    No problem! You are the first person I've talked to that has also applied to the Boise program, so I'm happy to hear what you have to say :-)
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    One of the things I have been pondering is that the program is not CCNE, but accredited by NLNAC?
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    Hello. Good to see others applying to Boise State. Congrats on your acceptance mrgordan. My heart sank when I saw your post and I hadn't heard anything yet. I received my acceptance letter today!
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    Congrats thethinman.. I hope I will receive something soon! I am getting nervous...
  12. by   pacnwRN
    Just received my acceptance letter to Boise State :-)
  13. by   TheThinMan
    Congrats! The waiting part is always the worst. Have you decided which school you are going to attend?
  14. by   pacnwRN
    I am emailing the student contact about some questions I still have before deciding Are you going to Boise for sure?