Nicu nurse trying to decide between nnp and pnp

  1. Are there any nicu nurses out there who have become Primary Care PNPs that really enjoy it, or any that really don't like it and wish they would have become NNPs instead? I'm very torn between deciding what to do and what will be a better career long term. Any advice? Or anyone who was a PNP and became an NNP later? Thanks.
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  3. by   rnkaytee
    I thought briefly about PNP but didn't think my NICU experience really prepared me for it (I'm of the mind that NP students should have several years experience in the field before school; I know there are different opinions on that). In some respects, NNP limits your scope but I've never wanted to do anything else - have you worked with kids or just in the NICU? I know some NICUs are hiring PNPs, maybe you could go that route?
  4. by   MGMR
    You also have to think about the type of lifestyle and environment you want to work in. Do you want to do ICU or acute care? Inpatient or outpatient? With your NNP, you'll almost always be working in hospitals in some type of ICU or step down environment. It may require weekends, holidays or nights. Some people get their NP to escape that schedule. PNP gives you more flexibility depending on your state and local hospital's use of PNPs. You could work primary care, outpatient specialty clinics, and some even allow them in NICUs and PICUs depending on the person's RN experience - although that is a fading trend. I would also look to see how your local hospitals use PNPs.