NICU experience useless for FNP program?

  1. Hello all ,

    So here's the deal.....I worked in the NICU for almost a year now, I absolutely love it BUT I honestly don't see myself working there my whole life. I've been feeling down lately because I've jumped from one idea, to another (you get the point). First I thought I wanted to become a NNP but working in the unit, I've come to realize that I am just not fit for that kind of job. I don't want to "live" in the hospital, and I just think that I would go crazy the first week working as a NNP....Then I thought "CRNA" (which was actually something that I had given thought to many times before, but then again waaayy too stressful and I've noticed that it's hard to get a job because the market is becoming overly saturated with programs that pump out nurse anesthetists like crazy...Anyway.... I have researched the option of FNP and it sounds really appealing to me (lifestyle, work ethics, work environment...and pay is not bad at all hehe ). I just feel that I made the wrong decision in becoming a NICU RN. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do....I just would like to eventually move away from the hospital's just not for me . I am starting to feel desperate that I am not "loving" the hospital environment and feel that I have wasted all this time instead of getting adult experience and moving on.....Would an FNP program be less than impressed if I applied with NICU experience and maybe one year of adult ICU experience (instead of it all being adult experience)?

    There are so many thoughts running through my head that it's even hard to explain it, I guess I also needed to vent...sorry if I am confusing you guys, let me know and I need to clarify anything....

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  3. by   nicurn426
    What about a primary Ped np? It's not a hospital setting, but the program might be an easier transition since you are from a nicu.
  4. by   artsmom
    I think one year NICU would be good experience for an FNP program. Many students that apply, and are accepted, have never even practiced as a nurse. You have practiced as a nurse, know how act and think like a nurse, and have discovered one of many areas that you do not prefer long term. FNP would give you a nice broad range to experience, and I can't see NICU experience being a hinderance. Good luck to you.
  5. by   emtnicu
    I think you will be fine, I am a medical assistant taking my academics for nursing school and we have had several np students come through our office, one had orthopedic surgery only experience and the other had l & d experience only. I think you should be fine. I wish you the best of luck.

    Second, I do have a question, I am planning to do neonatal than nnp, ( i was a emt for many years) so can I ask what you did you mean about living at the hospital? Is it because you do 24 hour shifts? Thanks .
  6. by   Papoya
    Hello emtnicu,

    The NNPs in my unit work for 24hrs straight. Sometimes it doesn't seem bad, but there's always those days when they don't get any sleep. It's not so cool when you have to report something at 4am knowing that they just went to bed 30 min earlier.

    On another note....I truly admire them for what they do, and I love the NICU...I just would like to eventually move away from the hospital setting... I'm sure that with your previous experience and passion you will become a great NICU RN and NNP later on . I wish you the best of luck!
  7. by   sundrea
    I'm wondering the same thing. I'm really considering going for my FNP, BUT I'm a stay at home mom and haven't worked in nursing at all for 2 years, prior to that I only had NICU experience as an RN (4.5years). I do also have 5 years of adult critical care respiratory therapy exeperience, but that feels like a lifetime ago and I doubt I remember much! I'm really worried that I would be way behind going into FNP school with no adult nursing experience. I won't remember how to function with patients that actually can talk back to you!!