Navy Reserve for Student NP

  1. I'm not sure if this is in the right section (student np vs. military/government), but I'm hoping to hear some insight from a nurse practitioner or student np on the navy reserve. There is a lot of info on Navy/Navy reserve nursing from those with their BSN's, but I haven't found anything regarding nurse practitioners.

    I'm currently in my 2nd year of my women's health np program, and am interested in joining the reserve. I'm in contact with a recruiter, but looking for some info from "real people" too, lol.

    So any insight? Does the navy use np's as actual practitioners, or more as bedside nurses? How have deployments been? Is it difficult to maintain family life/job and the reserve. Is it better to join while still in school (I've heard about a possible stipend/month for students) or wait until graduated?

    Thanks for any advice/info!
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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    My MIL is a MSN RN (not NP though) and in the Army Reserves, 2 wks a year in the summer she goes away for training and one weekend per month...My husband is medically retired ARMY and we saw an NP on post as our kids primary care provider. The military utilizes NP's a lot as they do not have enough MDs at all!!! Not sure on the Navy side of the house...if you live near a military base you can also be a reservist AND get hired as a civilian there to work in the women's clinic...I had a WHNP for all my OB/GYN needs when pregnant. They will also allow you off work without issue for your reserve stuff too. I'd honestly wait until you graduated though, as I know the Army was paying off part of the student loans if you signed on...i'm sure the Navy would have a similar program.
  4. by   OfficerRNBSN
    I was recruited for a USNR NP slot, yet I have stopped the recruitment efforts. Although I'm not too old to them, I'm too old to me, lol. It's too late for that life. Anyway, they were offering me exceptional benefits as a psych provider and due to the low number of those providers I was told I'd likely reach O-6 before retirement if I stuck with it.

    Although I know nothing about anything (at all!) related to any facet of women health I know I would not have practiced as a RN but rather APN. Additionally, I would've been affiliated with Pensacola NAS, and I would not have deployed to anything but large hospitals as big navy has other providers are tasked to forward environments. I wasn't opposed to that but learned BUMED was, lol.

    I have a document filed away that stated the "one weekend per month" could've been met with my own work practice and CEU activity. For The two weeks in the summer I would've gone down to Pensacola. BUMED wanted psych NPs that could go IMA.
  5. by   jhogue22
    Thank you both for your replies! I'm having a tough time getting in contact with the recruiter who handles this division.. There's only one in my area that does APRN students for the reserve.
  6. by   BritFNP
    I have tried a handful of time to speak to recruiters about the specific role of a NP in the military. I've heard anything from "Well you have to be an RN first" (really???) to "We don't need any NP's right now". I've never spoken to any recruiter that knew what they were talking about in regards to NURSE PRACTITIONERS. They know plenty about RN's.
  7. by   suzyasare

    I am also in a WHNP student and I want to join the reserves. Please email me I dont have enough postings to send you a message.
  8. by   wall_brent
    How did you get in touch with the right person? I was just told that "the navy does not ever hire nurse practitioners." I am assuming that this person has no clue what he is talking about, since that makes no sense at all. However, I am at a loss as to what to do now.
  9. by   NavyNurseCorpsPM1
    wall_brent, there is partial truth to the statement. The Navy is not currently recruiting outside the Nurse Corps for Reserve Family Nurse Practitioners, but if you are a currently licensed PNP, Midwife, or MHNP then there are still available openings for FY14.