My advice for passing AANP board exam, 2017

  1. After 2 1/2 years of graduate school, I passed AANP FNP board exam on the first attempt last week! I've always found this forum helpful and wanted to share my experience with those preparing to take the exam.

    Here's my advice-

    **Start studying for boards in your last semester of Grad school**

    This was required by my program and I believe it was one of the most helpful things I could have done. I felt very well prepared by the end of the semester. Yes, this is a busy time while finishing up clinicals, still taking classes and working, but I found breaking my study plan down into small chunks very helpful in preparing for boards. Each week during my final semester I spent 3-4 days per week studying for 2-3 hours per day. I dedicated my study time to a chapter or body system. I also took a predictor test at the beginning of the semester through APEA to see where my weak spots were and used that to focus my studying. As far as board prep material, I used Fitzgerald Certification Examination and Practice Preparation book, Fitzgerald MP3 and Leik's FNP Certification Intensive Review book.

    I found Fitzgerald MP3 very helpful as I could listen while commuting to clinical or whenever was convenient. I also completed the Fitzgerald board prep book and all of the questions in Leik's book, which I highly recommend as Leik's questions were the most similar to the wording on the AANP board exam.

    Lastly, I took the PSI AANP practice test several days before my exam and this helped boost my confidence and prepared me for how the questions would be worded.

    Hoping someone might find this information helpful. Good luck!
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