Maryville University Summer 2013

  1. Is there others out there that applied for this summer's FNP program?
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  3. by   flamingopark2
    Hello there, I will start this summer as well. I am excited but scared as well.
  4. by   jetmechgal
    I still haven't heard back. I got the email on the 7th saying my package was going to review board. When did you apply?
  5. by   niurkasol
    Hi, I submitted the application on the 23, but requested to start for the Fall 2013. Has anyone applied for that term?
  6. by   FNP2013
    I am also accepted in the summer 2013 class. I am so excited can't wait to get started. By August I probably won't feel that way. Congrats to you for getting in. It took me a full month to find out. Don't give up. We can do this!!
  7. by   jetmechgal
    Well I found out today that I got accepted to for the summer ! yay
  8. by   DanielleSnyderJones
    I am in the application process for fall 2013!
  9. by   tsangia
    Quote from jetmechgal
    Well I found out today that I got accepted to for the summer ! yay
    Congrats Jet, that's exciting... My package was sent to the review board last week.
  10. by   smartin13
    I applied for fall 2013, my application went to review a week ago. Now it's time to just wait, the hardest part!!!
  11. by   flamingopark2
    hello there fellow classmates, do you guys want to start a facebook page?
  12. by   Kris1981
    I applied for fall 2013 and my application went to review on March 27th. Good luck everyone!

  13. by   flamingopark2
    So I created a facebook page, so u guys can be part of the group. We will be able to share experiences and questions about the courses. Also, help one another to this new journey in our nursing career.
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  14. by   mctlhunt
    I have been accepted to start too. I was disappointed to learn about the extension of the program an additional semester! Ready to get started and be done. what is the title of the facebook group? Can the administrator add me as a friend? - thanks, Christi Hunt