Looking for a preceptor in Dallas or Sherman area

  1. Hello fellow NPs,

    I am a FNP student at TWU and plan on graduating in Spring of 2019. I am looking for preceptor for spring of 2018. I've been hitting some road blocks in finding an NP that's willing to teach. I'm flexible and would love to find someone that's passionate about teaching! Please let me know if there's any way to go about trying to find a preceptor.

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  3. by   BSN2FNP-BC
    Hello kzachariah,

    Like you I am an FNP student at Texas Tech but based in the DFW area. I am having trouble locating a preceptor as well for Spring 2018. From what my school has told me JPS will only precept current employees.
  4. by   missdeevah
    What specialty?
  5. by   BSN2FNP-BC
    Hi missdevah,

    I'm looking for all specialties since I am in the Family Practice program. But for right now I need to find a preceptor(s) in one of the following clinical sites: ER, urgent care, radiology, respiratory care. The clinical focus is on interpreting diagnostic testing and performing selected procedures as follows:

    * suturing
    * radiology interpretation
    * laboratory testing
    * EKG interpretation
    * minimal procedures - toe nail removal, I & D, abscess, joint exam, etc.

    The course objective is to be able to select appropriate diagnostic testing & procedures commonly seen in practice, provide assessment and rationale for the selected procedures . . . . . .

    If you know of anyone who can help that would be great.