Juggling FNP School Deadlines + Life - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 202

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    Gotta go to a wedding and yet stay ahead in school. Here is what I'm learning about right now...

    Juggling FNP School Deadlines + Life - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 202

    The difference between your dreams and reality is action. One of the hardest parts of FNP school is finding the balance between schoolwork and life. On one hand you want to be present for friends and family, but on another hand you're committed to realizing your dream of becoming a FNP! Nothing worth having is easy to come by. The sacrifices made today is what will help to secure your future. However it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Take reasonable time to enjoy your life while also remaining cognizant that for the time being grad school must take priority! Remember FNP school is only for a few years, not forever. You've got this!

    In this weeks vlog you'll see me juggle keeping up with my FNP School deadlines while also heading out of town for a weekend wedding. Some highlights include:

    - Collaborative practice agreement vs independent practice agreement, why is it important?
    - What is the most important part of the patient assessment?
    - Weekend wedding highlights
    - Deadlines are fast approaching, will I make it?

    Who knew scope of practice wasn't the same in all 50 states? There can be major differences and its important you know what is required in your state.

    Obtaining a history from a patient is usually very detailed and points you in the direction of the primary diagnosis, differential diagnoses and enables you to formulate a plan.

    I hope you enjoy Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) Episode 202: Juggling FNP School Deadlines + Weekend Wedding. Let me know below, what tips you use to balance schoolwork and life. Please like, comment, share and subscribe!

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    Heads up! If you're new here or an old friend of the Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) series, you can always catch up with my journey from the beginning.
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