Indiana Wesleyan May 2018

  1. Hello!
    i just received my acceptance letter to IWU's Family NP program. I am to start May 2018. Anyone else starting in this group?
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  3. by   i'manurse?
    Congrats how long was the process from applying to getting in? I am interested in their program.
  4. by   SchoolRN2018
    Not very long. I'd say approx 2 weeks.
  5. by   i'manurse?
    Good luck!!
  6. by   Vona86
    I'm currently in starting the second class in a week.
  7. by   SchoolRN2018
    How was the first class? I am so nervous!
  8. by   Jen.S
    Very interested on your take of the classes, so I will be following this thread. I'm to start in October through the same program.
  9. by   SchoolRN2018
    If I'm still alive by then I'll be sure to report back!
  10. by   SchoolRN2018
    Jen S.- Was October the soonest you could start?
  11. by   Jen.S
    At the time, yes. However, they had a seat open up, so happy to say that as of now, I'm now scheduled to start July 9th. Personally, I'm just ready to get the show on the road,lol.
  12. by   SchoolRN2018
    I feel the exact same way!