I PASSED AANP- Here is how! 2018

  1. Just like all of you, I came to this website to help ease my nerves and plan my study schedule.

    I am SO happy to say, I PASSED THE Adult-Gero Primary Care AANP exam today! It was a preliminary report- but I feel the need to share how to hopefully help anyone else!!

    1) I graduated in December of 2017 and started studying the first week of January.

    2) I purchased Barkley home study along with a total of 3 DRTs.

    3) I purchased the 2018 version of Leik's app (which is her book as well as 600 practice questions)

    4) APEA exam

    5) Examedge bundle of 5 tests

    I worked part time (2 12 hour shifts a week) while studying. The first 2-3 weeks I focused on Barkley's CDs and studied 2 subjects a day. Once I felt confident in the sections, I began going over all the subjects with the Leik app. By the time I got to 1 week out, I took the PSI practice test and was using blank sheets of paper to write out diagnosis/meds/treatments/guidelines.

    Here is what I would recommend,

    LEIK APP! 1000000% SO many things on this App was on my test that was NOT in the Barkley review. Do all the questions on her app- I had an overall score of 82% going through the questions only 1 time. Her pharmacology review section on the app is a MUST. (You can also get this in book format)

    Barkley. It was great. It helped me to form a foundation- however, I definitely needed the Leik app to solidify what I knew. His DRTs were fair, and well written. I scored 77%, 78%, and 80%

    APEA test. For me, I took 2 APEA exams in school before graduation and scored poorly (62% and 68%) so I did this more to assure I was studying properly. I scored a 76% and was "likely to pass."

    AANP PSI practice test- 86%, take this! It helps to ease your nerves as it is set up the same way the test is on the day of.

    Focus on USPTF guidelines.

    I am sitting for the ANCC exam in a few weeks. Hoping to have another pass! Good luck to everyone testing!! Let me know if you have questions
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