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I've heard Margaret Fitzgeralds stuff is the best but seems like ANCC's stuff would focus more on the test content. I just graduated with my MSN FNP and want to get certified on the first try. Any... Read More

  1. by   dianne9704
    Would like some insite into the Adult ANCC certifitcation exam if anyone knows what helped them the most
  2. by   dianne9704
    This will be my second attempt and I got 341/350 needed to pass so need to make it this time!
  3. by   greenlawn
    Anyone out there taking the Psych NP exam, I have taken twice and the questions are just ridiculous, they are a bunch of social work questions, knowing those questions dose not help your clinical practice as an NP or to be able to compete with the Psychiatrist out there. ANCC need to change how they set their questions. I used Barkley review at my last attempt, by the way Barkley is excellent , it broadens your knowledge and it prepares you for what is out there, I have been practising since 2008 and I know what the job entails. Anyway, is there any psych NP out there who is in the same predicament as myself or preparing to take the exam? Lets get in touch. Here is my email
  4. by   greenlawn
    I am psych NP what about you? Anyway, dont kill yourself studying the difficult stuffs like receptor sites, nuerotransmitters etc. Know the psychosocial, research, common sense stuffs. I have done it twice, I didn't pass it coz I was concentrating on the tough stuffs. Anyone interested in study group for the PMHNP exam, here is my email
  5. by   bcc71
    Quote from dianne9704
    This will be my second attempt and I got 341/350 needed to pass so need to make it this time!
    That is the very exact score I got when I took my test this past July. Scheduled to retake tomorrow. Honestly, I still do not feel ready! I pray to God I pass this time. Don't think I can handle studying anymore!
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  6. by   wbrn
    I took and passed the psych ANCC NP exam last week, my first try. I wanted to list some resources that were very helpful with the examination for others, as I could not find this information from other posts.

    I studied using Kaplan & Sadock study guide (just questions & answers), the Kaplan & Sadock book when I needed more clarification on a particular topic. I also used the book from ANCC (very good resource, it let’s you know where you need to focus and what will be covered on the exam). In addition, I purchased the 150 questions from ANCC for $99. It gives you a foundation on how to select the correct answer and weed out the incorrect answers. The questions also help you determine what your weak areas are and to read up on those some more. Finally, I also used the green ANCC book (the best resource it has everything). The green ANCC book was given to everyone who took the live review course (I think it was $300.00 or so). The review course was a live three day course. I graduated in August, but did not do any studying at all that month; I needed a break. I studied September, October, and took the test this month and felt that this was enough time to study and be prepared for the exam. I also purchased the questions from, then on the drop-down choose psychnp exam (this helped for the HIPPA, malpractice, and legal information only in my opinion). Hope this helps, good luck on the exam!