HELP!! Previous reprimand?

  1. I've been stressing out so much that I thought I would create an account. Almost three years ago I was targetted as a union rep and reported to the board. After obtaining a lawyer, the end result was a reprimand of unprofessional conduct, failure to collaborate in a healthcare team, and failure to report in SBAR format. Even though I feel as though I am not guilty, I have become such a better nurse from it, and all around I am thankful. Currently I am in NP school. I am SO scared that after I graduate my state will not approve my license because of my prior reprimand. Although I appreciate advice, I am asking only nurses who have been through this to respond.

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  3. by   allennp
    Each state is a touch different but if a "complaint" was against your license then it will show. If it was resolved it might show as closed/resolved and sort of a non issue. I know a NP friend who had a similar, likely much bigger thing that happened as a RN, it was a non issue.

    do not stress over it. Recognize it as you have and move on.
  4. by   jwelch0715
    Thank you very much. Can I ask you a few questions? Did you take your classes online? If so, did you feel prepared. Did you specialize?
  5. by   allennp
    No, brick and Mortar, and I am faculty Associate in same, honestly am not comfortable with a lot of online programs as they have no ability to offer community connections, and learning that I think a hands on in your face lecture, with engagement gives.
  6. by   CCuser
    I am trying to get into DNP school and have a reprimand on my license from 8 years ago. No stips - free and clear. Did your college give you any difficulty when you applied?
  7. by   allennp
    No, it was a closed complaint, and he said it was never even brought up.
  8. by   CCuser
    Thanks Allennp. All this time I've been stressing about it. Even tho I know it meets the schools licensing requirements. I had a top notch app and all the things I've done since then have been incredible. I've been most fortunate to of had the opportunity to turn it all around and do good with what I learned.

    You have helped me relax about it. Thank you so much.