Help me decide between Walden and South.

  1. I have been accepted into Walden's FNP program with a start date for March. I am currently in the middle of applying to South and the estimate start date is February. I have friends who have just completed their third quarter at Walden and are pleased. South's admissions person has really sold me on South. I am so confused. The tuition is relatively the same for both. Any thoughts pro and con?
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  3. by   lhflanurseNP
    I am finishing my core classes at South and will be entering the clinical phase next month. I have been quite pleased with my experience at South. For me, I have not found anything misleading. All but one of my instructors have been wonderful. They are all practicing NPs and bring good insight and feedback to the discussion forums and your assignments. As with all online programs...lots of writing! You are responsible for obtaining your own clincial sites, but that should not prove difficult...I was able to do mine within a couple of days and now that clinicals are actually starting, I have been forced to change some for reasons beyond my control, and they went just as smoothly. You will get out what you put in.