Going Stir Crazy - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 103

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    Grad school can be very stressful. Self-care is very important. In this episode of my journey, see what I do to get my head out of the books.

    Going Stir Crazy - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 103

    There is no denying grad school can be stressful. Listening to lecture, working on homework assignments, being active on discussion boards, and attempting to finish all reading material can take more than forty hours a week to complete. Then add on family obligations, bills and work, there isn't much time left for self-care. However, if one is to succeed in graduate school, self-care must be a priority.

    This week, as I drowned further into my studies, I began to go stir crazy. Luckily my cousin threw me a lifeline and convinced me to get my head out of the books and me out of the house.

    In this episode, I indulge in some much-needed self-care and go over what happened in class this week.

    Some highlights include:

    Self-care is an important factor to graduate school success. While you're taking care of everything and everyone else, don't neglect yourself. Take time for self-care. A few moments away from the books helped me to re-charge and able to tackle this week's workload.

    It's important when providing recommendations to your patients that it's from evidence-based research, and not from popular press articles. Popular press tends to be less rigorous and more biased. Your patients depend on you as a provider to help decipher medical fact from fiction.

    I hope you enjoy Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 103: Going Stir Crazy. Let me know below, what do you do for self-care?

    Until next time,

    Bizzy Bee

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    Episode 103: Going Stir Crazy

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    I am really enjoying watching your journey. Thanks for sharing.
  4. by   BizzyBeeNursing
    Tnbutterrfly thanks for watching!
  5. by   sirI
    Kudos to your Cousin. Looks like you had a good time along with some good food. Good to break the monotony.

    I am really enjoying your Vlogs, BizzyBee.
  6. by   BizzyBeeNursing
    Thank you sirI, MSN, APRN, NP for your kind words. My cousin definitely tight me a valuable lesson!