Getting another MSN but Commission denies

  1. Hi, I have an MSN and I want to get another MSN in a clinical specialty such as nurse practitioner. I don't want to get a postmaster certificate and some schools don't offer postmaster certificate. Has anyone heard of a school(s) denying a student admission with a previous MSN because The Higher Learning Commission says that schools cannot grant a duplicate degree? How common is this problem? The following is an example for nurse anesthesia but has anyone seen the same for nurse practitioner schools, especially schools in the south like in Alabama? Thank you.

    This was taken from Barnes Jewish College CRNA program website as an example.

    4. I am interested in applying to the Nurse Anesthesia Program. I have a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and am currently working as a nurse practitioner. Would I be able to transition into the CRNA Program?
    After receiving several inquiries from individuals interested in changing their area of interest to Nurse Anesthesia, this issue was presented to the Higher Learning Commission which regulates the accreditation status of the College. The official response was that a second MSN degree cannot be granted. If an applicant had a master's degree in another area, for instance a Master of Science in Social Work (MSW), that applicant would be eligible to apply. Since Goldfarb School of Nursing does not offer a Post-master's certificate in Nurse Anesthesia, individuals with an MSN are not eligible to apply to this program.
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