General questions regarding FNP vs. WHNP

  1. Hi! I am currently a psych nurse who just finished my bachelors. I am getting ready to apply to NP program. I would really like to work in Women's Health, but haven't been able to be hired as an RN. I'm torn between applying to a FNP program or a WHNP program. I have some general questions if anyone would help me out. I don't have anyone in my personal life to ask! Thanks so much!

    1. Is it feasable to be hired in Women's Health as a FNP?

    2. Do you feel that WHNP limits your job marketability. I'm asking because I live in a small town outside of Pittsburgh. One of my fears is that I will go for WHNP then not be able to find a job in Women' s Health and not be marketable to any other specialty.

    3. How do you feel about online programs? The FNP program is at Carlow University, just down the street. However, like I stated before, I really want to do Women's Health. There are no close programs. I can do Temple's online program, which is all classes online, and I believe 680 clinical hours. You also have to travel to Temple 4 days a semester for practical skills testing. I'm just wondering how good these programs are. I don't know that I would want to go to a NP that got her degree "online." However, I also feel that clinical is where you learn most. Any thoughts?

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer. I really appreciate it!
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  3. by   CRF250Xpert
    I’ll comment on 3. Clinical time is the MOST VALUABLE TIME ON THE PLANET FOR A NP. It makes me sad that there are programs that don’t have the huge clinical requirement. Seeing PTs and bouncing your plan off of a skilled resource who volunteered to guide you (MD – my personal pref, NP, PA) is irreplaceable.
    My personal experience was mediocre in school until I ended up with a MD who had years of experience and was an internist/Fam Med – smart, awesome, made me think - a lot. How many on-the-fly patient focused quizzes are you going to get online? I say get the most challenge, not the easiest route. There are many people out there that don’t trust us and belittle us because we have “nurse” in the title. I say get the most clinical you can and go help us make them see we can Dx and treat with the best of them. Good luck.
  4. by   NPinWCH
    My question is: How do you know your NP went to an online school?

    I graduated from an online NP program, but from a brick and mortar school. They have both online and traditional NP programs. My diploma doesn't say a thing about how I got my degree.

    So, you say clinicals are the most important part of school and I couldn't agree with you more. It is really how you learn and apply what you have learned from your classes. My clinical experience was good, but it's about what you put into it. I had to find my own preceptors, which at times was frustrating, but networked with people I knew which meant that I picked my preceptors. My clinical hours were the same as a traditional program.

    I've said it before: you get out of ANY schooling what you put into it. I know great NPs who went to online schools and horrible NPs who went to traditional ones. I know a couple of excellent MDs who graduated from schools in South America and I know an MD I wouldn't send my dog to that graduated from Harvard...
  5. by   MandaRN94
    I am starting a WHNP this Fall -online. I also was told that I am limited myself by not doing FNP but I really don't like Peds or regular primary care so why would I go the FNP route?? I already work at a family planning clinic -will precept with the WHNP I work with. Tons of job opportunities with this family planning organization. You get out what you put into anything -incl school.