Frontier Nursing University PMHNP Class 173

  1. Hey guys just got accepted to FNU class 173 to become a PMHNP. Anyone finished the program what should I be expecting?
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  3. by   NrsRach
    Congratulations! I'm still waiting to hear if I have been accepted or not but I wish you all the best with your schooling!
  4. by   Yazmin07
    Thanks! Do you have an msn already ?
  5. by   NrsRach
    No I have my BSN, RN. You?
  6. by   Yazmin07
    yes i did my masters fully online im an APRN. And i did my BSN fully online. That might be why its taking a little longer because there might be alot of BSN applicants. Just stay positive i'm sure youll do fine
  7. by   NrsRach
    Thank you! I received an email today and have been put on the waitlist. It's a bummer being waitlisted But atleast there is still a chance!
  8. by   scrubnurse
    I got accepted as well and will be in class173! See you in May!
  9. by   scrubnurse
    Yazmin, I started a FB group for class 173.
  10. by   misty7
    Hi All,

    How was bound in April? Looking to apply for the PMHNP spring start. Any input would be greatly appreciated?