Frontier Bridge Community Health Practicum

  1. Hi there! Could someone give me an idea of how the Community Health Practicum works for Frontier? I've been researching this school for several years and will be applying to the FNP program next month. I understand that the clinical portion of the program is completed at the end and that I will need to find my own preceptor for this. However, I'm not sure what is required for the Community Health class at the end of the bridge portion. Do I find a preceptor for this portion and how many hours do I spend with the preceptor? I need to work full time until I hit the 675 clinical hours at the end.


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  3. by   mtsteelhorse
    I would call the school directy. They are very friendly and helpful. I am looking at this school as well. If you speak with someone at the school you're sure to get the correct response. Best of luck to you. I hear it's a GREAT school!
  4. by   JennSofiesPapa
    In N408 Community Health you find your preceptor then next semester you do your clinical with the preceptor. It can be any MSN trained nurse, there has to be a lobby check in as you observe the lobby as part of your clinical. good luck.
  5. by   spooky64
    Thank you! Do the community health clinicals last the entire semester? I'm trying to figure out how much time I would need to take off work for that semester. How many hours of clinical time is needed for that semester? Sorry to be a pain. I did a ton of research on the school, but this didn't come up in my research. I thought all clinicals were at the very end of the program and so this has come as a surprise . Thanks for your help.
  6. by   JennSofiesPapa
    i am in N408 which is the semester where you identify your preceptor. Next semester starts July9- this is when I have the clinical. It is 25hr observation.
  7. by   spooky64
    Great!! Thank you very much!