FNP Nurse Practioner in Colorado Springs

  1. I'm looking into applying at UCCS for the FNP program. How is the job market for new grad FNP's in Colorado Springs? How is the pay? And what type of clinical settings and hours are available? I would love some advice and insight on this topic.
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  3. by   Slhengy
    Sadly, Colorado loses it's new NP's to other states after passing the boards, due to the 1000 hours that we have to be "supervised" by a physician to gain prescriptive authority. The problem we are running into is that all of the job postings require established prescriptive authority. How can we get the supervision that is required by the Colorado Nursing Board if we can't get jobs because they all want established prescriptive authority. No one wants to work with new NP's.

    After I graduate and pass boards, I am moving to another state that has minimal to no supervision requirements. I don't have 3 years to waste making next to nothing and having to log my hours.

    As for UCCS, it's a great school but be prepared to look for your own practicum sites.
  4. by   Fel1993
    Has it been very difficult finding practicum sites? What kind of settings may be more willing to work with NP students?
  5. by   Slhengy
    I am just now looking for my practicum sites. So far I have a verbal commitment for a county jail, an Urgent Care and a SNF. I still have to look for a women's health clinic and a PEDS clinic. You just have to put yourself out there and visit a few places. Put together a CV and be prepared to interview on the spot when you walk into a facility. Always leave them your resume and CV.
  6. by   Fel1993
    Thank you so much for your insight! Good luck with clinicals and the program.