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  1. Hi all!

    Has anyone used exam edge for PMHNP prep? For test banks, I am currently using board vitals (got it at a big discount earlier in the year, good for the sheer # of questions and some review, but doesn't seem much like the actual exam). I am also planning on getting the ANCC qbank, but there are only 200 questions for those. What I would like is lots of questions that actually look like the real exam, and exam edge says it offers 30 unique exams of 100 questions each, with a setup and questions that mirrors the actual exam.

    I have a job offer pending graduation and boards, so I really need to pass it on the first try, but I also don't want to waste money if it isn't a good exam bank.

    Thanks very much!
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  3. by   ArmaniX
    Take the free examedge questions it gives you, 10 or 25 I think to gauge how you like it.

    I did the practice free exam for AGACNP with examedge and thought the questions were very elementary / poorly written and would not be in any way reflective of mastery of content.
  4. by   PCTerrific
    Thanks! i did the 15 but don't feel that is enough to get a good sense. I agree it seemed very basic, and they still used DSM-4 criteria, which was a red flag for me, since we have been on 5 for a while now! Appreciate your take on it.