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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently a nursing student, graduating in a few months with my BSN. I went into nursing school with the goal of becoming a nurse practitioner, and have kept with the same interests throughout clinicals - either Psychiatric/Mental Health or Dermatology. I enjoy both fields immensely and would happily be an NP in either one, but I'm actually MORE interested in Dermatology. If there was a such thing as a dermatology NP program I'd go right into it. Unfortunately, from what I've read and seen, you essentially become a family NP, hope that you can get a job in a dermatology office, work there for a long time, then apply to take an exam and become dermatology certified. It seems risky, and if I can't find a dermatology job I would be stuck working in a field I didn't like as well, such as primary care.

    So my question is: any dermatology certified NPs out there want to tell me how hard their journey was? Anyone with any advice? I feel as if I may just have to go with the PMHNP program because I really don't want to risk being in a field I don't enjoy.

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  3. by   rich2008
    Hi, I am not a derm NP but I did do a clinical in a derm office and I enjoyed it. I dont think you need to be "certified" as a derm NP to be an NP in derm but from my experience those jobas are few and far between and alot of now seems to be cosmetic. Seems like there are more psych jobs out there.
    good luck.
  4. by   SlyFoxRN
    Yeah, you can work in a derm office with just an FNP, but I can't OPEN a derm office unless I'm derm certified - which is my goal.
  5. by   pilgrim192
    Iceguy- did you decide psych or derm?
  6. by   vballtrumpeter
    I didn't even know such a specialty existed. Learning so much!