Confused about Direct Entry NP/MSN Programs & Experience?

  1. Hello All,

    This is my first post on this forum. I am looking into accelerated bsn/direct entry psych NP programs and need some clarification from the pros.

    From what I can see, many of these programs are described as being 3 years with no break in between getting your BSN in one year and starting your advanced practice specialty studies.

    This sounds great, but I have also heard that folks have had difficulty getting into advanced practice master's programs because they didn't have enough experience. So I'm a little confused.

    If one gets accepted to a 3 year program, is it not really 3 years? Are you forced to take time off to work to gain experience before you start your specialty studies and if so, how long?

    For anyone who has completed one of these programs who had a bachelor's in a different field - did you feel prepared to be an APN or NP after just 3 years? I am definitely looking at adult psych MSN programs in particular if that makes a difference.

    Thanks much in advance for your insights.
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  3. by   Adenium
    Your best best is to talk to the directors of the programs you're interested in, as the answer will vary. My program advertised the "3 years" but really you need at least 2080 hours of work as an RN to begin the clinicals. And really, none of us wanted to go back with almost zilch for experience. However, there are programs that run straight through and are designed specifically for that.

    I'd talk to the directors, and ask if they can refer you to some current students as well as some graduates.
  4. by   ataylor65
    Hi, this is exactly what i am looking to do as well, but have been unable to find very many programs that offer this. What are the schools you have found that offer this path? thanks!!
  5. by   SmoothJams
    Hey Ataylor65!

    If you are also interested in psych, some of the programs I have found are:

    University of Illinois Chicago
    Psych is an offered masters specialty within the direct entry masters program

    University of California San Francisco
    Also has a psych masters specialty with direct entry. Super competitive admissions for nursing here in general so I am hearing.

    Same deal with less stringent admissions requirements compared to UCSF

    There are more and I found all of these on the website for the association for psychiatric nursing:

    Not all offer and acclerated BSN/Direct Entry psych specialty though so you have to look at each program.