Bethel CNM 2018

  1. Has anyone else interviewed Bethel CNM program for this fall? How did it go? I had my interview today and am eager to hear how it went for others!
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  3. by   labordude
    I interviewed on Tuesday (4/17). How was your experience?
  4. by   lauren.nguyen1214
    Awesome! I am out of state and did a Google Hangout interview - it went okay and I really enjoyed talking to the woman who interviewed me. I was surprised when she said they were interviewing 50 students and only accepting 21! Though she said most on the wait list will end up being accepted. I hope your interview went well! Thankfully we won't have to wait too long to find out.
  5. by   labordude
    I'm also out of state and used Skype. I felt like it went well, but we will see come May 1! 20 is actually a big class compared to some other schools. Did you apply anywhere else?
  6. by   lauren.nguyen1214
    I did not apply anywhere else! Did you? I haven't heard anything back yet. Good luck to you!!
  7. by   labordude
    I received a call today from the program director telling me I was accepted to Bethel. I also applied to Frontier and was accepted there. Did you hear anything since you last posted? Best of luck!
  8. by   lauren.nguyen1214
    Oh wonderful! Congratulations! I heard back and am on the waitlist for Bethel. I am a new BSN grad so I think I might actually take this year to work and apply again next year! I would be very interested to hear your opinion of whatever school you choose after you get started!
  9. by   labordude
    Congratulations! They did say most people on the waitlist would get in so you may have a chance for this year. Either way I will keep in touch and get you any info and thoughts you want. Did they call you or did you get an email? They told me I'd get something with a link for the next steps but I don't know if it's real mail or email.