Anyone with Herzing's FNP experience?

  1. Hi there!! I just acquired my BSN and am hoping to begin a Masters degree in fall for the family nurse practitioner (FNP). I was looking into Herzing University, and everything sounds great with them, it is CCNE accredited, 20 months, all online, etc. but I am unable to find ANY reviews whatsoever on student experience or satisfaction with the program. I am wondering if any people actually exist who have completed or are in this program??

    If you are in the program now, or have graduated, just drop me a line about your experience. Did the program move along smoothly, was it organized, support from staff, and did you graduate/find a job as an NP and feel that you were properly educated???

    I really appreciate any and all responses, as I am very excited to begin but becoming nervous, and wondering if they pay to have reviews taken off the internet (why else would a 6 year old program not have any online reviews?) I did find "Herzing U." general reviews, but none related to the FNP program.
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  3. by   Eringinn
    Hi Jcnurse1,
    I just started working there and I am not sure if my campus has anyone enrolled in this program but I can see. If we do I can certainly see if they would be willing to talk to you. I would also recommend talking to the dean of nursing. Again its campus specific but I could give you ours. I am at the kenosha campus. Fyi this comment came up on my linkedin page...strange but if i can help.
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    That would be amazing, I would love to talk to someone in the program to answer my above questions!!
  5. by   zwink74

    I graduated from the Online MSN-FNP program in May. I took a bit extra time to take my ANCC certification but passed on the first try. They are very supportive. Like any schools there are downfalls. There is sometimes a problem finding preceptors but that is in any program. Use their online documentation system (Typhon) you use for clinicals and if you look there is a list of prior preceptors and their areas. In New Orleans they had contracts with quite a few hospitals.

    It is a hard program but I would not want a FNP that got through a program that was not real. They are fully accredited, atleast in Louisiana, and CCNE accredited. They reaccredited for Louisiana this year.

    In summary it is a good program, expensive, but you pay for the ability to study at home and create your own clinical rotation schedules. They have high standards for their clinical rotations and do grade your EHR notes that you enter into Typhon. They use the same system as many of the well known schools use (Blackboard). The majority of books are online except for a few that were mailed. The books are included in the tuition.
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    Hi zwink,
    Thanks so much for sharing your insight. I was wondering how your employment prospects have been upon passing cert? I am in the midwest and there seems to be preference for larger/public programs, but I also feel the formats are rather similar from one to the next. (assuming they are accredited). I would love to hear how your job search is going. I am considering Herzing, among several, and want to be sure that it is a good option that provides ample employment opportunities. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks!