AANP scores weighted?

  1. I am trying to find out if the questions on the AANP exam are weighted? I know a passing score is 500/800 with 135 questions actually counting. I can't figure out any other method for their scoring other than it being weighted. Does anyone know how the AANP is scored?
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  3. by   reeya
    Well according to Leik, each question is 1 point. May be ANCC is weighted but I don't think AANP.
  4. by   MERCEDES674
    I read that too. It just doesn't make sense if there is a 700 point difference between 100-800 for the AANP. I think they changed their test since the Leik book was printed. I was reading the handbook for the AANP and it kind of hinted towards weighted scores but, it didn't come out and say it directly.
  5. by   reeya
    True !! It makes sense what you're writing.

    So, to make 800 points out of 135 Q if it is not weighted...each question is worth 5.925 rounding up to 6 points per question.
    I have broken down the math this way: out of 135 Q, you must answer 100 correctly if unweighted. If it is weighted than, its pure luck you may pass answering less than 100 Q (if you answer more hard weighted question right) or you may have to answer more than 100 (if you keep missing hard weighted question and answer simple question). Its just luck, I guess. But to be safe, one must answer 100 (may be a must) to be on borderline pass or fail and there's this thin red line above or below 100th question !!
  6. by   MERCEDES674
    I came up with the same math when I did it that way earlier. So around 6 points each. 100 out of 135 is a very narrow margin. I think I liked the NCLEX better. Lol I might just call and ask them tomorrow.
  7. by   anney1981
    Did you ever call them and find out??
  8. by   pattyweb
    I'm pretty sure the AANP is weighted.