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Hi, I am a freshman at Saint Joseph College in Connecticut. I am a first year nursing student and I need help. Many people have scared me away from nursing saying how hard the program is and that not many people get through. i ahve wanted to be a nurse all of my life and I think I will succeed. I want to work in L&D after graduation and I just need some advice on the nursing program and what challenges I might face. I need a mentor through my journey if anyone can offer some advice. I also heard that A&P is really hard and that I might have to take it more than once. At my college I can only take it over once and will be behind. If anyone can offer some advice, please write me.

--Confused in Connecticut--

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Hi there,

Go into nursing school with a "can do" attitude. With A&P just don't allow yourself to get behind. When your out clinically, I don't think that your instructors necessarily expect you to know everything, but I do believe that you should know where to look for the answers (did that make sense?). You may have to rearrange your priorities for the next several years, but just think of the wonderful rewards later! Best wishes to you!

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