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I hope this is appropriate for this site. I am not sure since I am so new to all of this. I am a student nurse, my first day of class in my first semester is on August 29, 2005. I am so excited. I have known for some time now that I want to be a traveling nurse and I know that I have to have one year experience before I can do that. The wall I have come up against is that I would like to travel internationally, but I don't know how to research that. I have tried looking online for U.S based companies for international nursing, but I have had no success. There are many companies for U.S travel though. Does anyone know how I can find them? Give me a nudge in the right direction? I don't want anyone to get in trouble for recruiting or anything since you can't do that here, I simply need an idea where to look for what I want. Can anyone help? :o

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For international nursing travel, you will need to write the nursing exam in that country, and in their language. Even if you were to work in an English speaking hospital in that country, you will still need to write the boards for there.

There are not the same types of travel assignments for international travel that there are for travel nursing in the US in most countries. You will also need to go thru the immigration process for that country.

And the companies that do handle international placement want you to have at least two years of experience.

suzanne4, RN

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The other thing that i to mention is that you do not say whether you are in a 2 year or 4 year program. If the two year, and you need two years of experience, you are talking about four years from now. There is absolutely no way that you will find information from them that will be beneficial to you later on. Licensing requirements can change, as well as immigration requirements. Salaries will be different, etc.

I would not even attempt to look for anything until you have at least one year of experience under your belt, and you are closer to when you would be able to travel.

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