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Student Nurse Experience

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Hello all! 

   I'm sure everyones pretty busy, so I'll try to keep it as concise as possible. Currently, I am in my final year of a BSN, and while I have a job as a CNA in a private household, which I absolutely love, I was wondering if I should work as a PCT in a hospital? Over the Summer I worked in a smaller hospital as a PCT but they were unable to use me as PRN, so I had to quit when school started up again. I was able to find a PRN position for Rush Oak Park. The only thing is my dream job would be to work for Rush downtown, would working at the Oak Park location help me at all when applying for the downtown location as an RN? 


Thank you!! 


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Are they sister facilities?  It wouldn't hurt to get your foot in the door of the network. Since your graduation is still some time away, there's no guarantee that Rush Downtown will be hiring. So working at Oak Park could be beneficial for you.

 But as always, no guarantees.