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Hello, all! I am a second year nursing student, in an ADN program. Over the past 3 months I have applied countless times to the hospitals in my area. I've applied to jobs within DMC, Oakwood, and Harper. I far surpass the minimun requirements of every job position that I have applied for, thus far. On top of that, I have eight years of patient care experience as a Medical Assistant. I volunteer, and I am a member of the NSNA. My question is, have any of you ever landed a student nurse associate or student nurse extern position while enrolled in an associate degree program? I can't figure out any other reason to why I'm not getting any call backs, besides maybe all of the students that are enrolled in BSN programs are the ones getting hired. I'd appreciate some input.

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I worked for the DMC as a SNA while in an ADN program. I applied to sooo many positions until I finally got two interviews in the same week. Unfortunately, there are just so many people applying. If you know people who work for these companies, put their names in the application. It does help.

Good luck, and try not to feel too discouraged.


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Thanks for responding. I told myself that I would not get discouraged, but I was slowly starting to feel that way. I have a few friends that work where I've been applying. I will try putting their names on the application. It's tough out here lol.

Thanks again!