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Im a high school senior and I have decided that I will persue a career in nursing. Working as an OR nurse seems to appeal the most to me but i would like to know more about it than from what i can find online. If anyone can tell me what its like for them, the hours, salary and such that would be a great help!


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Check out this info from AORN, the professional association of OR nurses:

Hopefully, this can answer your questions!


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How nice that you have made such a decision so early. I was 15 years after graduation, a degree in education, 1 husband, and 2 kids before I realized that nursing was something I wanted to do.

It is a wonderfully fullfilling career choice. I started in the ER and worked there for 4 years before transfering to the OR. I really enjoy both types of nursing. I went to the OR so that I could get involved with the new open heart program. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Just like you can't go into education because of the summer off time, you can't go into nursing just for the $$. It just takes too much out of you some days.

Pay in Mississippi starts some where around 15$/hr. when you add shift dif, certifications, etc. you can push it towards 20$.

Not bad for beginning $.

Gotta run.

Good Luck



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yes, i realized that i came off as if im just after money, but i am definetly not. my mother and grandmother were nurses (neither for more than five years) and neither worked in the OR. im just trying to find answers to the questions they can not completely answer. every opinion, fact or statistic i can get is greatly appreciated!

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The hours vary from facility to facility. Generally the OR runs from 0630 to 1500. At the facility I am as the OR is staffed by one personel at all times. There are people that come in at 1500 and leave at 2300. There are 10 hour shift people that work from 0630 to 1700 four days a week. There are 12 hour shift people that work from 7a to 7p and from 7p to 7a. Our shifts that are offered, needless to say can be very flexible to meet family needs.

Probably one of the more ummm controversial things discussed is the call time. Being on call is kinda a draw back to some, when it comes to working in the OR. Good luck with your schooling. The OR is a great place to work.


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Here are a few more Web sites that might provide a global perspective. They feature newsletters and links.

Australian College Operating Room Nurses

European Operating Room Nurses Association

International Federation of Perioperative Nurses

Good luck!

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