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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this message board, and I guess I should introduce myself!

I'm currently in my second semester as a BSc.N nursing student. I'm very very interested in possibly doing NICU nursing someday......hoping to get a clinical placement there during my 3rd or 4th year. I visited a hospital last summer and a couple times had a chance to spend time in the NICU shadowing an RN.....there was something about those kids and the miracle of their lives that just amazed me. I'd love to get the chance to work in this area someday. Anyway, I've heard there's a very steep learning curve in this area of nursing, and just wondered about everyone's experiences, and if there's anything I can do during my undergraduate years to prepare for a possible NICU career someday. I'd also welcome any other advice anyone could give.

Thanks in advance for your help - I'm really looking forward to getting any feedback from you!


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I start in a NICU in a few weeks. I've been doing L&D for a few years including postpartum, so I can't offer you too many words of advice. But, my unit manager said that any peds or postpartum experience is desirable and there are courses you can take as an undergraduate student to prepare you for a job in the NICU. If you are in Ontario, I know George Brown and Humber college both have courses. So do mount royal in calgary and BCIT in vancouver, and because you can do them by distance, they are convinient for a student. Good luck to you

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