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I am starting nursing school this summer and need to get insurance since I am not longer eligible to be covered under my parents. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions as to what kind I should get or where I should look to get it.


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Check with your school to see if they offer something. You might google for info as there are companies who cater to this market. Your parent's homeowner's insurance agent, or car insurance agent, might also sell health insurance. If you get quotes be sure to mention you are a student, as that might make a difference in premiums and coverage.


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Where i go to school in North Carolina, Cigna, offers student insurance for about 179.00 a semester except for the summer. there is also another plan that is higher through them because you have a choice between I think it is 2 of them. Look on the net under student health plan i think it is and you can pull it up if not either of the two listed above, look under Starbridge. Also Blue cross and blue shield will let you take out student policies or either short term health insurance hope this is helpful and like the above post check with your school. If you are not from North carolina, look under your states student health plan.

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I have Blue Shield of CA - PPO with dental and I pay $136/month - it was the cheapest one I found for the amount of coverage I wanted (I wanted more than 3 visits/year!)

Good luck.....I think you can even get quotes from the insurance companies online. I looked into student insurance at school and it was actually more expensive.

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