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Student from Germany - Please tell me what it is like being a nurse in America

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Hey.. I'm Rick and from Germany.

At the present time, I am in the USA studying for one semster abroad. My major is English. I'm in the English class so I can improve my English speaking, writing, and comprehension skills.

In Germany I worked for two years with nurses. My dream is to live and work in America.

My question is - What do I need to do to work in America as a nurse? What sorts of documents are needed? What are your lessons and challenges learned in this job? I would like to explore your feelings as an American nurse. Thanks.

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Suggest you read the world section as the US currently under retrogression meaning demand for visa outweighs actual visa allocation so currently looking at over 6 years for a immigration visa which is what nurses generally go under and the waiting times doesn't start until you find a employer and they file your application.

Each country has different ways that nurses roles work. Hopefully some US nurses will pipe in but also suggest a good read in the various forums

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