Student--decisions....advice please!


I'm currently a nursing student getting my associates in summer'18. I'm feeling overwhelmed trying to decide what I want to do when I finish and I could use some advice! I already have a BA in Music Education, which I have read is worthless in the nursing world, lol. Anyway, I am back in school to become a nurse after 2 years ago my daughter had a 20 week hospital stay because of burns from a house fire. My first choice would be to get a job at the burn unit because I really have a heart for burn survivors and their families, but I'm afraid to get my hopes up in case they have qualms about hiring family of former patients. Here are the choices I'm looking at...

1. Med-surge for 2 years, weekend option, sign on bonus (best per hour pay)--did clinicals here and was already offered a job

2. RN residency for 18 months in a magnet hospital

3. Try to get into the Children's hospital where the burn unit is in hopes to moving to the burn unit eventually-- also a magnet hospital

In any case, I am planning to get my BSN online.

I'm also considering traveling nursing after 2 years experience if I can't get into the burn unit.

Did any of you not go for your dream job and regret it later?

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Relax, you have plenty of time! Keep an open mind and see what clinical experiences speak to you. Perhaps try to get a day or two on a burn unit if your school can arrange it. I've known those who were sure what specialty they wanted and others who thought they were sure but ended up in something completely different. Either way you have plenty of time before you need to make any decisions.