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i am currently taking my last semester of prereqs before entering a private nursing school. i will be earning a a-bsn degree and was planning on working where i live in los angeles, ca. my concern....all the posts from graduates not able to find a job. going back to school for me, a working mom of 2, is tough but has been possible being that i have a very strong desire to enter the nursing profession and a supportive family. however, if i will not be able to find a job, and with huge student loan bills looming i'm now a bit apprehensive. any thoughts?

thank you!

Ayvah, RN

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Yes, it is concerning about the job market and the terrible unemployment numbers now. Few things:

-The recession is part to blame about the current job market. Many inactive nurses are working now, and PT nurses are working FT, and some nurses are working multiple jobs. Many, many nurses are the breadwinners in their family and work the hours they do because their spouse is laid off. However, when the economy gets better these nurses are likely to go back to working what they did before the recession got bad. Also, we are inching closer and closer towards the critical time when the baby boomers will need more care and likewise the baby boomer nurses are inching closer towards retirement and will need care themselves. This will open up more jobs for nurses.

-Nothing is certain, so you may want to seriously consider getting an AAS at a community college - your debt will be a fraction of what it will be from getting a BSN and you will be able to start working sooner. Also many hospitals offer tuition assistance and would help pay for you to get an RN-BSN

-While in nursing school, if you get a job as a PT/PRN tech/unit clerk, that will help get your foot in the door for an RN position.


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I know how the economy can make things look bad trust me I know I have recently made the decision to get into nursing with a wife and kids at home to take care of. I lost my job do to relocating makes sense I know, but as I search for a job in the area I live that I can do I find a lot of jobs in the medical field. And moreso RN job listings in my area I would say take up about 10% or more of all the online posted jobs. It might just be the area you live in. But I see a lot of potential to becoming a nurse.

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I have a few thoughts for you:

  • Have you thought much beyond getting out of nursing school and getting a job in the hospital? Is there some specific reason that you are planning to get your BSN? If you do not have a specific goal in mind in the short term that requires the BSN, I wouldn't do it in your situation (working mom, unable to handle the debt-load that the BSN will lay on you). Get your Associates degree. You will take the same NCLEX exam, and, when you pass it, you will get the same RN license, and you will be paid pretty much the same salary as the RN who has a Bachelor's degree...but you will NOT have the crushing debt to repay.
  • Does your life require you to remain in the LA area, or in California, for that matter? And I do mean require, like as in your husband has a good career there and you simply cannot go somewhere else...not, "I love it here, my friends are here, my kids' friends are here, they love their school," etc. You are looking at one of the most difficult places in the country to get a job as a new grad nurse. If you are required to stay there, then I'd suggest you do your research on some of the other ways you can achieve your goal of becoming an RN while working smartly to set yourself up for hopefully an easier time finding employment; where in health care are people being hired right now where you are? Where is the need? If you want more ideas, email me.
  • Do not listen to the new grad nurses posting how hard it is to find jobs unless they have taken a mature, measured, smart approach to their nursing goals. (I have read so many posts from new grads and/or student nurses who went into nursing school thinking they could breeze through it, graduate, start work in the ICU or the ER, work for a year, then go on to become an N.P. or a C.N.A.; I've responded to these misguided and misinformed students more than once...and I do really mean misguided--someone along the way had to have told these poor folks that they could actually do it. Anyway, if these are the posts you are reading and they are causing you to despair, don't.) There are jobs out there, but you need to be realistic about a few things, including the purpose of your first job, and the location. If you expect to graduate from nursing school and get a job in Labor and Delivery in LA, you will probably be disappointed.
  • Watch your debt. Watch your debt. Watch your debt. Yes, school costs...just do it smart and do it according to your personal needs and why you're going into nursing. If you load yourself with more debt than your family can handle, you do more harm than the degree will do you good. There are plenty of ways to smartly add the Bachelor's degree. Some nursing careers require the degree, most don't.

I wish you the best as you pursue your nursing career!

Lori R.N., B.S.N.


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I wouldn't worry about finding a job when you are finished with nursing school. I think the only reason people are talking about not finding jobs, is because the economy is so bad. Some nurses were not working (staying home with kids or whatever) Now if their spouse lost their job, they are going back to nursing. I read an article the other day (don't remember where now) it said that there are going to be a lot of nurses retiring over the next few years and there will be a big nursing shortage then. Nurisng schools don't have enough instructors to produce enough new nurses. So there should be plenty of job opportunities.

Study hard in nursing school. I would get your BSN. I would suggest to work at least a year after you graduate on a med/surg floor, then you can work most any place. you could do travel nursing or agency (both which pay well)

Good luck!

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